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Production Craft Services

We know how the menu it’s of a production run and know your crew needs to eat well all-day, on time and quickly.  We offer many great options for you to fit align your budget with what you want to provide for your crew. 

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Drop-Off Craft Services

Not every production needs a full-time crafty, so we have a great program for you to choose your options and we have it delivered 60-minutes before general crew call and it is picked up at wrap  

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Wedding Day Craft Services

We will get you and your wedding party setup with morning cocktails with a Hill Country Breakfast that segways into keeping y’all fueled until its time to walk down the aisle!  We will create a bespoke menu for the day with you with some great food and snack options.  

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Our Packages

We have a few options for your craft service needs

Craft Services – The Guadalupe $12/pp per day

  • Beverages; Coffee&Tea service, Bottled flat and sparkling water and assorted sodas
  • Basic craft service fresh snacks
    • May include danish’s and pastries, granola or fresh fruit and veggies.
  • Grab + Go Snacks (assortment will vary daily)
    • Nutrition bars, pretzels, chips, nuts, assorted cookies and candies, dried fruit and trail mix

**Assortment will vary on a daily basis

Craft Services  –  The Barton   $23/pp per day

This premium package offers all the basic necessities plus a variety of more substantial snack items, organic selections and healthier options, as well as some special treats.

  • Beverages; Coffee&Tea service, Bottled flat and sparkling water and assorted sodas, sports drinks and cold tea’s
  • Premium craft service assortment
    • The early morning table includes a selection of Danish, pastries, doughnuts, muffins, bagels, cream cheeses and lox, an assortment of cereal, dried fruit, fresh fruit platters, and a yogurt buffet with fresh fruit, nuts and toppings.
    • Mid-morning snacks include meat and cheese platters, trail mix, fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs, beef and turkey jerky, a large assortment of dried snack items, chips and dips, and fresh vegetable platters.
    • Afternoon snacks may include an assortment of cookies and candies, pudding, granola and nutrition bars, trail mix, nuts, and more. Special items might include an afternoon Hot Spiced Cider or cocoa on cold and rainy shoots. Exact assortment will vary daily.

**Assortment will vary on a daily basis. **Dietary restrictions should be provided to crafty manager at booking. 

Our Program

We like to keep it simple, so here is a step-by-step to keep it…simple!

  1. Choose your Package; The Barton $23/pp/pd, The Guadalupe $18/pp/pd or The Colorado $12/pp/pd
  2. Choose Menu items;
  3. Choose Add-Ons; 
  4. Provide the following details to
    1. Job Name
    2. Number of days
    3. Location(for all days)
    4. Contact Name, Phone and Email
    5. Number of people on call sheet
    6. Call Time(estimated)
    7. Package chosen
    8. Dietary restrictions(and how many crew it pertains to)
  5. Our craft services manager will get in touch with you to discuss any outstanding questions/items.

**48hrs Notice is needed.  **Package items can change daily  

Craft Services – The Colorado $18/pp per day

This package offers a more comprehensive assortment with a wider variety of snacks that are appropriate for various times of the day.

  • Beverages; Coffee&Tea service, Bottled flat and sparkling water and assorted sodas
  • Deluxe craft service assortment
    • The early morning table may include an assortment of danish, pastries, bagels muffins, fresh fruit, granola bars and cereals
    • Mid-morning snacks may include cheese and crackers, trail mix, fresh fruit, hummus tray, cottage cheese, yogurt pretzels, dried snack fruits, chips and salsa/dips.
    • After-lunch choices include a variety of cookies, rice crispy treats, brownies, candies, pudding, fresh seasonal fruit and veggies, applesauce, and sports and nutrition bars. Exact assortment will vary daily.

**Assortment will vary on a daily basis


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