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Production Units

Our well curated fleet of production units gives you a range of units to choose from that will make your team happy!

Event & Wedding Units

Our event & wedding fleet are bespoke units ready for you to use as your event HQ or the ideal wedding party hair+makeup

Leading Production & Event Fleet

Amazing Operators

We are amazing, but we are just doing our jobs…it just so happens we are a bit better than the rest. 🙂


What you get the first time is what you get EVERYTIME from us!

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We don’t mess around with our pricing and we don’t hide it either!

New & Well Maintained Equipment

We take our equipment seriously and strive to maintain our 99% uptime

Amazing MOHO Operators

I can’t say we have a secret to getting amazing people, but through time, we have sourced one heck of a team!

Units of all shapes & sizes

We have curated what we think is the beginning of a pretty amazing fleet of MOHO’s that enable you to THRIVE!

Need an AWESOME CRAFTY for your next job?


Howdy! The lifeblood of our company is our MOHO’s and the amazing people that operate them, so we take great pride in making sure our rigs are well maintained and squeaky clean for y’all to be able to get to work in an environment you can rely on every job!.

Production MOHO-02

45’ Combo 3-room | Two Bath | HMU/WARD

45’ long | 12’ wide  | onboard gen

  • Three-Room
    • Hair + Makeup(2-chair)
    • Wardrobe(20’ racks)
    • Production Office(5 desk)
  • Two-Bathroom

Production MOHO-04

45’ 3 room / 2 Bath | HMU/WARD

45’ long Luxury Toy Hauler | 12’ wide | 21,000lb GVWR | onboard gen

  • Three-Room
    • Hair + Makeup(2-chair)
    • Wardrobe(15’  rolling racks)
    • Production Office for four(4 desk)
  • Two-Bathroom
  • Large rear outdoor deck
  • Flexible spaces to be a Talent/Celebrity MOHO or budget Production Unit.


Flex MOHO-05

42’ 2 Room/1 Bath | HMU | Flex Spaces

  • Two-Room
    • Hair + Makeup(1-chair)
    • Wardrobe(10’ racks)
  • One-Bathroom

A look at some of our clients that make our world go!

“We didn’t know how important a good MOHO operator was until we met Justin and his awesome MOHO.”
“I am pretty sure we couldn’t pull that one off without you and your MOHO.”

“We have no reason to use any other MOHO or Operator, Site Hero for the win!”

“It is up to you(Site Hero) if you want to make a place for yourselves in the commercial business, you guys are awesome!”

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