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Industry Leading Equipment

We have curated the best equipment on the market from Victory, an industry leading company with a vision that aligns with our goals to arm our clients with the best way to maintain a safe and healthy environment for their employees and customers with the best.  The lineup of Victory electrostatic sprayers are well designed and balanced units that are made of high quality parts and are comfortable for all day use. 


Electrostatic Sanitization

Our operators are armed with industry leading ELECTROSTATIC equipment and EPA Non-Toxic approved solutions, assuring we use PROVEN solutions to treat your space.

Sani Equipment Rental

Our rental program enables you and your team with professional sani equipment, EPA approved non-toxic solution and bespoke training for someone on your crew to run the sani-tech role for your job.  

Film + Event

Set + Location Sanitization
We know the shake and have created a process that starts when we hear “its a wrap at this location”!  We will be able to full sanitize a set or location under 2,000 sq. Ft unit under 60-minutes, assuring the location is sanitized.
Production Trailers + Vehicles
We know how many of your crew and talent that are in and out of our MOHO’s, vans and trailers that we don’t know or where they have been! We have a few options for hourly sanitization to end of day sanitization packages that will fit your needs and budget.
Equipment Sanitization
Our electrostatic sanitization machines are made to coat delicate equipment with a fine, but complete mist of a non-toxic solution.
Event Center Sanitization
Give your guest peace of mind with a full sanitization of the event space pre-event as well as spot sanitization services during the event.

Commercial + Retail

Office Sanitization
Our operator will be able to provide full office sanitization for those times when someone is reported to be sick or there is an elevated reason for you to have consistent whole office sanitization.
Retail Sanitization
Our team has routes for our retail customers starting at 8pm and go to 8am to be able to provide whole store sanitization for your team to maintain through the day.
Real Estate
Offer your new homeowners a full-house sanitization or new tenants a fresh and sanitized home!  Our solution is an odor eliminator that will achieve that fresh + clean smell!
Gyms + Fitness Centers
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Weddings + Events
Give your family and friends peace of mind and assurance that your venue is sanitized before arrival!

Residential + Small Business

Homes + Apartments
Get our team in there to do a deep sanitization on a regular basis or for just a one-time cleaning!
Does your vehicle need to be sanitized? Bad odors? Our system will can tackle your needs with our non-toxic solution
Events + Parties
A professional sanitization before your next party will give your guest peace of mind…and then we will come back post-party to assure all is back to ZERO once your guest leave!
Small Business
We can offer a bespoke plan that can fit a good plan of action to keep your place of business sanitized with a weekly cleansing and a handheld device left with you to maintain during the week.
Company Team Outings
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Great service that keeps our clients operating in a sanitized environment while being an amazing vendor!

Barton Creek Rentals

The Site Hero team came into our home and sanitized it before our sons birthday and right after everyone left the party they came in as scheduled to get it sanitized.  Love these guys!


We knew this wasn’t going to be cheap, but the guys at Site Hero figured out a program for our multi location business that made sense to us with leasing units and having their service weekly! 

Undisclosed Client

Frequently Asked Questions

What solution is used to sanitize?

We have paired our electrostatic Victory machines with three options based on the type and amount of space, the amount of high-touch area’s from Clorox Industrial and VSE – Xtreme, both leading providers of sanitation solutions. 

How does your process work?

We use a simple process that is powered by the line-up of Victory electrostatic sprayers coupled with leading non-toxic sanitization solutions.  Our solutions provide;

1. Effectively kills odor causing bacteria on food contact surfaces
2. Effectively kills odor-causing bacteria on non-food contact surfaces
3. Kills bacteria that cause spoilage, deterioration, or fouling materials on a variety of surfaces, textiles and paper products.

4. Kills bacteria that cause fouling in cooling towers
5. Kills odor causing bacteria
6. Effectively controls the growth of algae

7. Neutralizes and removes odors
8. Removes mold stains from surfaces such as patios, decks and most other structures.
9. Kills and controls microorganisms infectious only to animals

Is there a guarantee?

We can guarantee what the products we use state and can show resolute of their findings, but in order to keep a sanitized space, it needs to be constantly sanitized throughout the day.  We allow you to reset the space, clean high-touch areas as needed with our leased devices and use our service for daily or weekly needs.  For those using us for sanitization of their home or event, we are just getting your environment back to “zero” until someone at your event infects it.  A solid sani-strategy is needed and will be created with our team to assure the highest level of sanitation is kept. 

What is our service area?

At the moment we are rolling out markets we can manage effectively with good teams on the ground that knows how to treat our customers, are team players and are better than most!  WE love our team as the work we do!


Now serving;

Austin, TX - Basecamp - Service and Leasing 

Waco, TX - Service and Leasing 

San Francisco, CA - Service and Leasing 

email for more information or to schedule a sani-tech appointment!  

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