Domain Teleportation


Product Description

Want a domain that is not on Site Hero?

Domain Teleportation is a service that attempts to bring a domain of your choosing into Site Hero for your purchase. Site Hero will contact the domain owner, sales agent, or representative and will inform them of an interested buyer as well as our terms of service. Upon agreement with the owner, the domain will be added to Site Hero with you, the purchaser of our Domain Teleportation service, having first priority to buy it for 7 days. After 7 days the domain will be added to the public offering for all users or it will be removed from the service and returned to the owner.

How does it work?

1. Create an account with Site Hero.
2. Buy this Domain Teleportation service for each domain you wish Site Hero to attempt to acquire.
3. In Check-out please specify the following information
     1. Please provide the domain(s) you want Site Hero to attempt to acquire.
     2. Please provide your budget and planned payment terms (1 time, monthly, etc..)
     3. Please provide your date and timing requirements.
     4. Please provide any additional details you would like us or the domain owner to consider.
4. Site Hero will also follow up with you via email with additional questions on each specific question above.
5. Site Hero will provide emails of status to you as they are available.
6. If the domain is acquired to Site Hero, the domain will be added to our system privately and link to purchase it will be sent to you to finish the transaction.
7. If the domain is not acquired, we will let you know why and if there is a chance in the future that this may change.