What is Heroes League?

A membership program for independent contractors and business owners to be able sell Site Hero’s domains, websites, products, and services. The membership provides the access and opportunity to earn monthly recurring revenue with very little risk or expense.

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Yearly Membership Fee






Affiliate Commission

  • 5%
  • 10%
  • 15%
  • 20%
  • 25%

Sales Commissions

5% – 25% of Retail Price

Everyone who joins a Heroes League membership immediately gets the selected % sales commission of the retail price of all Site Hero Domains, Websites, Products and Services they sell. This includes consulting, Heroes League memberships, and domain teleportation services you sell.

How does Heroes League work?

1. Account Sign-up

Sign-up for a free Site Hero account. This login will be the same for Heroes League. Click here to sign up now.

2. Join Membership

Choose one of the Heroes League yearly membership options. Adept(5%), Gifted(10%), Super(15%), Legend(20%), or Immortal(25%). See the details below for more info.

3. Heroes League Manager

An email with will be provided to you for how to login to the Heroes League manager.

4. Links, Banners, & Codes

Once in the Heroes League manager, you get access to your affiliate links, banners, and codes.

5. Strategy for Sales

Determine the best way to incorporate the links, banners, and codes of our products into your pitches and network.

6. Start Selling!

Regardless if it is domains, products, or team building, we truly hope you enjoy selling Site Hero!

Are you ready to be a Hero?

Why Heroes League?

Heroes League is an affiliate membership program that was developed by a group of industry professionals who know and understand the domain / website resell space. Standard domain and website resell sites take between 15%-25% commission just for putting your site up on their service. We think this should go to the people selling the domain not a service that just happens to have it listed. We hope you agree and become part of our Heroes League affiliate membership program. Below are ways we are different from other affiliate programs.

1. Minimal Risk

You can generate business without ever having to develop a product. We provide all marketing and sales materials, and since all of our products are virtual there is no inventory or shipping allowing customers to get their purchases immediately. We succeed when you do, so we try to support you in everything we can.

2. Very Low Costs

Typically businesses can cost thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to start. With Site Hero we only ask that you pay your yearly membership fee to be a part of our service. That is it. There are no other costs, nothing hidden, and there are no other requirements. The more you sell the more you make.

3. Recurring Income

Since our core model is to sell domains and website for a monthly fee, the more you sell the more residual monthly income you make. Also, since we offer the Domain Teleportation service we can hopefully bring in any other domain into our service, so even if we don’t have the domain we can hopefully get it so you can make your commission.

4. Product Diversity

Other independent business types have a problem of trying to sell the same product to the same people causing extreme sales competition between its members. Site Hero is different because every domain name and website is unique allowing each person to sell something different.

5. No Products to Buy

There are no products you must buy and then resell. You make a commission for selling our products without ever having to come out of pocket and buy anything.

6. No Minimum Purchase

There are no minimum amounts to purchase to start making commissions. Upon signing up, you can start selling our products and services and earning a % of the retail price immediately.

7. No Minimum Sales

There are no minimum sales needed to start making commissions. Like above you can start making your % of the retail price immediately. Just stay current with your membership.

8. No System Calculations

There are no complicated point systems, confusing gimmicks, or commissionable amount calculations you have to figure out. We do everything with easy round numbers using the retail price and the % commission you selected as part of your membership.

9. Flexiblity

With Site Hero you decide when you work and how much you want to put into it. Regardless if your a part time mother, drive for Uber, have a full time day job, or already own a business, Site Hero can fit your lifestyle.

10. Business Building

Site Hero makes it easy to build your business. We provide you with sales and marketing materials to start selling immediately. If you are good at selling products or services, then selling Site Hero’s premium domains and websites should be an easy focus. If you are better at building a team, then sell Heroes League memberships to others for which you will earn your % of their sign-up. The options are limitless!

11. Tax Benefits

Running your own independent business has huge tax benefits allowing you to deduct everything you spend on trying to sell Site Hero’s products and services. This includes travel, vehicle, office, marketing, and anything else you use for your business. Check with a tax professional for all the details.

12. Your Own Purchases

Upon signup you can earn commissions on anything you buy for yourself just by using your own Heroes League links and codes.

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