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Seller’s Guide

Site Hero allows you to sell your domains or websites more effectively, enabling you with an environment and resources previously unavailable.

Get the Price You Want

Don’t settle for a sub-par offer or pay a commission to a broker. Our full-service solutions enable you to get the price you choose.

Dedicated Sales Team

We enable you with a sales team trained and managed through our Heroes League, allowing you to multiply your reach to potential buyers of your websites and domains listed with Site Hero.

Curated Domains


We only sell premium domains that our Heroes League team can sell, so we take the time to curate our portfolio to assure your domains and websites don’t get lost in a sea of low quality solutions.

No Haggling or Auctions

We know you are tired of haggling with unqualified buyers, brokers and auctions, so we have taken the hassle out of the process. As an added bonus, our program allows our buyers to amortize their purchase, which allows for huge set of new buyers.

Additional Commission


Sign up for our Heroes League and earn up to an additional 15%-25% on your own domains or websites and the ability to earn that commission on ours as well.

Earn Free Renewals

Becoming a part of Heroes League expands your revenue potential beyond getting your premium domains and websites in front of more buyers, it can also assist in reducing your renewal costs with our Affiliate rewards program. Our Affiliate Rewards program is based on a ranking system in which you can earn domain renewal discounts all the way up to 100%… If that’s not showing you how confident we are in selling your domains or websites, we don’t know what will.

How does it work?

Things to know before submitting Domains or Websites to Site Hero.

Curated Submissions

Our program only takes premium domains and websites, so please be sure to only submit those that fit the descriptions below. Visit our Submissions page here. Our team will review any submissions and reply with our decision and the reason for rejection and the terms for those we accept. NOTE: The domain quality, domain price, and price of assets are all considered in our vetting process as not every premium domain will be marketable to our buyers.

Submission Requirements

– Your name or Company name
– What country you live in
– A list of the domains and/or websites you wish to sell on Site Hero
– The amount you want to make from just the domain itself
– Any assets as part of the sale and amount you want to make from all assets
– Any other useful information you think is relevant for us to consider.
– Heroes League Info (Only if you are a part of Heroes League)

Selling Price

Site Hero has the right to sell the domain or website for any amount as long as you make the amount you asked for in your submission. You will only receive the amount asked for in your submission upon sale.

Selling Period

Site Hero has the right to sell the domain or site in any number of monthly payment increments as long as the amount you asked to make in your submission is broken up equally amount the buyer agreed upon increments. (Example: Buyer selects 12 monthly payments. The amount you asked for in your submission is broken up into 12 equal monthly payments upon payment from the buyer.)

Domain Registrar

You must have an account with Uniregistry. Once selected, a domain or website must be pushed to the Site Hero registrar account at Uniregistry. We will not accept any domains or websites that we have not approved.

Domain Return Push

If the domain or website has not been sold on Site Hero you may always request it back at any time and we will push it back to your Uniregistry account free of charge.

Sellable Website Assets

The only assets we allow to be sold are items associated with a website itself. Please see the lists below. If you have a question of if your assets are sellable please contact us.
– License transferable installed software (open source software, custom built code that you own the rights too, or purchased software that is transferable)
– License transferable media (images, videos, audio, and branding)
– License transferable authored material (blog posts, written articles, descriptive text, and documents)

Non-Sellable Website Assets

Below is a short list of non-sellable website assets:
– Recurring Services – You may not sell users on recurring services such as web hosting, support, integrated services, marketing services, PR services, article creation, etc…
– One Off Services – You may not sell users one off services such as logo designs, software installs, customized themes, SEO, etc…
– Non-Website Materials – You may not sell users non website related materials such as business card designs, brochures, printing services, business planning, training, workshops, events, etc..

Sold Domain or Website

If a domain or website is sold with one of the many monthly payment options, the domain or website is locked and you may not request the domain or website be pushed back to you unless the buyer stops payments for more than 120 days. Also, the buyer does not get the domain or website transferred to them until after it is fully paid to guarantee that neither the buyer nor seller can transfer it in the middle of a transaction.

WHOIS Privacy

Each domain or website will have the WHOIS Privacy turned on free of charge which will hide all personal details.


Each domain or website will have its DNS changed to point to the Site Hero servers to help promote sales.

Agreement & Terms

After domains or websites are submitted and approved, you must agree to the full agreement and terms. These terms will also include additional information such as your address, payment information, and Uniregistry Account.

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