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Buyer’s Guide

Site Hero aspires to provide all Buyers with an easy to use marketplace, ongoing security, and insured service so that you can be confident in with any purchase.

Pay How You Want

Site Hero offers multiple payment options. Full payment upfront, 12, 24, 36, 48, or 60 month payment cycles. This allows you to choose the payment plan that works best for you.

Renewals Included

Any purchase of a domain from Site Hero includes the domain being renewed for the entire payment plan time frame. So if you choose to buy a domain on a 60 month payment plan, then the domain will be renewed for 5 years so that you will not have to worry about any yearly domain renewals.

Free Web Hosting

Every Site Hero domain purchase comes with free web hosting for the duration of your payment plan plus an additional year. While there are some restrictions and limitations described below on the free web hosting plan, you can upgrade as needed. You are also not required to use our hosting services, and you may point the domain to any other hosting you purchase at anytime.

Instant Domain Access

All domains offered by Site Hero are controlled by Site Hero. Unlike other services all domains are controlled and managed by Site Hero directly so that you can get instant access to them upon purchase.

Domain Security


Since Site Hero controls all domains, we also lock them for the duration of your payment plan. This assures you that the domain will not be transferred to anyone else while you continue your on time payments. This also secures the domain until the domain is paid in full at which time it will be transferred to you without having to worry about a delay from a third party.



Why spend thousands of dollars on a domain that you don’t know if it will work for you? With Site Hero, you can buy a domain on monthly payment plan, but if during the term you determine that the domain doesn’t work for you then just notify us and stop payment on it. You will not receive the domain, not receive a refund for past payments, and the domain will then be returned to our marketplace, but you there will be no additional payments.

How does it work?

Things to know before buying a Domain or Website from Site Hero

Late Payment

If you are late on your monthly payment for any monthly payment plan, the domain you are purchasing will be suspended and the DNS will be pointed to a suspension page.

Late Payment (90 Days)

If you are more than 90 days late on your monthly payment for any monthly payment plan, then the domain will be returned back to the purchasing pool. Also, all payments previously made towards the domain will be forfeit with no refund of previous payments.

Payment Security

Since we offer monthly payment plans, we want you to be confident in our data security. None of your payment data is stored on our servers, and none of our employees have access to it. All payment data is stored with the payment processor itself with an extremely high level of security and encryption.

Free Web Hosting Limitations

Our Free Web Hosting package includes the following:
– 10 Gigs of storage
– 100 Gigs of bandwidth per month

Web Hosting Restrictions

Similar to Domain Restrictions, any domain on Site Hero hosting regardless of level can not be used for anything pornographic, gambling, or illegal while using our hosting. Even once the domain is paid in full, Site Hero hosting still will not allow these type of sites on our hosting service. If we find that you violate these terms, then your hosting will be suspended.

Domain Usage

Domains purchased from Site Hero can not be used for anything pornographic, gambling, or illegal while it is still not paid in full. Once it is fully paid for and transferred to you as the owner, you may choose to do what you want with it, but these terms still apply to our hosting if you continue with Site Hero hosting.

Domain Transfer

You must create a free account upon purchase of the domain. The domain will be pushed to your account once you have paid in full for the domain.

Domain WHOIS

Upon purchase the WHOIS info will be changed to your information, however all domains will have WHOIS privacy turned on until you have paid in full for the domain. As indicated above, the domain may not be transferred away until it has been paid in full.


Upon purchase you may leave the DNS pointed to our Free Web Hosting for you, or you may request it to be pointed to a new DNS server. To request a DNS change just go to our support center and submit a DNS change request.

Terms of Service

During checkout you will be required to agree to the full terms of service before being able to purchase a domain. The ones listed here are just an overview of them. Please click here to review them all.

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