General FAQ

What is Site Hero?

Site Hero is a program for you to access premium domains that can be purchased outright, or amortized over a term of 12, 24, 36, 48, or 60 months. Our program allows you to not only purchase domains, but it allows you to leverage training, tools and the ability to become a Heroes League Super Hero and sell our domains and services.

Can anyone buy domains from Site Hero?

Yes. Just sign up for a free Site Hero account. You can join Site Hero to access premium domains for yourself or you can be a seasoned marketer, start-up guru or individual that wants to leverage our domain program to build a business. We hope that after your buying experience, you will share this with your peers and colleagues, assisting in growing Site Hero.

Who uses Site Hero?

Anyone. You can be an individual looking to start a blog, an entrepreneur that needs a cool brand for a product, a marketer looking for domains for a new marketing campaign or a business looking to rebrand. Now, if you just love what we do, you can join our Heroes League program and become a Super Hero to sell Site Hero to your network.

Can I make money with Site Hero?

Yes. Please check out our Heroes League that has a compensation plan. Click here for more information.