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Site Hero was started to solve the problem of making premium domains affordable for startups, existing businesses, or individual projects. The Site Hero team is dedicated to this purpose since the right domain can make or break any company in any industry.

We are a highly professional company, but we are not going to bore you with how our team is made of industry professionals who have been in digital agencies, SEO companies, web design / web hosting companies, digital marketing, and business startups since the 1990s. Instead the true origin story for Site Hero began in 2000 when debating over a name for some of our founding members first startup which was to be a web design / web hosting company. This startup spent weeks discussing possible company names for this startup, but every time we looked up a premium domain for these names it was taken. We did finally settle on a name, but we couldn’t get the name we wanted because someone was selling it for way more than a bunch of college kids could afford. This was 17 years ago, and it has only gotten much worse.

We say all of this to let you know that we understand the pain of naming a startup, business, project, or product, and finding the right domain is imperative to this process. We have helped launch, start, or create tens of thousands of domains in our collective careers, and we want to use this experience to help you be successful.