With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

What are Site Hero Superpowers?

Site Hero offers several helpful services that can supercharge your opportunities.

Domain Teleportation

Can’t find the Perfect Domain on Site Hero? Is it for sale on another service? Don’t worry learn how we can acquire it for you.

Kinetic Consulting

Need help with Branding, Business Strategy, Startup Question, Choosing a Domain, or just want someone to bounce ideas off of? Talk to one of Site Hero’s expert consultants.

Domain Teleportation

Domain Teleportation is a service that attempts to bring a domain of your choosing into Site Hero for your purchase. Site Hero will contact the domain owner, sales agent, or representative and will inform them of an interested buyer as well as our terms of service. Upon agreement with the owner, the domain will be added to Site Hero with you, the purchaser of our Domain Teleportation service, having first priority to buy it for 7 days. After 7 days the domain will be added to the public offering for all users or it will be removed from the service and returned to the owner.

1. Budget and Timing

First you need to determine your budget and planned payment terms. Next you need to determine your timing requirements for using the domain(s). These will both affect which domain(s) are possible for acquisition.

2. Domain(s) Selection

Now you can determine which domain(s) is your Perfect Domain(s). If Site Hero still doesn’t have it, we suggest you search traditional domain purchasing services such as Uniregistry, GoDaddy, or Sedo to find the one you wish us to attempt to acquire for you.

3. Purchase Service

Once you have determined your budget, timing, and domain(s) you want, purchase the Domain Teleportation service when you are ready to get started and we will go to work.

4. Verify Specifics

During the purchase process, you will need to provide us the domain name(s), your budget, your timing, and any other details you would like us or the domain owner(s) to consider. Please be specific, since on our team members will be in touch with you to verify them as these details can determine if we are able to acquire the domain(s) for you.

5. Status Updates

Site Hero will work to acquire the domain(s) for you and provide you with status updates as they are available. Sometimes there can be some back and forth at this phase.

6. Paths

Domain(s) Acquired – the domain will be added to our system privately and link to purchase it will be sent to you to finish the transaction.
Domain(s) Not Acquired – we will let you know why and if there is a chance in the future that this may change.

Kinetic Consulting

Sometimes you just need an expert to talk to about your situation. Kinetic Consulting is just that. We offer the ability to talk to experts and get their opinion on everything from Branding, Different Business Strategies, How to Start a Business, Choosing the Perfect Domain, or just Pitching your idea to see if it makes sense.


Our branding consultants can help you with questions around branding including which domain or website is the perfect one for you or your business.


Are you a Startup needing advice on company setup, raising funds, business plan, or just understanding of where to start? Let our experts help you.

General Consulting

Need some help that is outside of our main categories or just want to bounce some ideas off a general consultant? Our experts here experience in a variety of different business types.

Sales Strategy

Have some questions about increasing your sales, other areas your products may be sold, or just need help determining the best direction to start with for your products? Let our experts help!

Marketing Strategy

Not sure the best way to market your products, need to expand your audience, or just need creative marketing ideas? Let our experts help!

Social Strategy

Need help figuring out the best Social Networking strategy? Let one of our experts help with determine the best strategy for you and your business.